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FREEDOM Biblical Information Center



Who Are We?

"…And the Truth shall set you Free" {Jn 8}. Upon this scripture Freedom Biblical Information Center was formed in September 1996. This small home-based family ministry has had some impact toward the Work of Christ. The mainstay of this effort is to publish and send a catalog of various publications, bible studies and sermon tapes from reputable sources {mostly FREE of charge} to searching souls. Eventually, we have touched 37 states and 17 countries, aiding 4 prison ministries and 2 missionaries with literature!

At the outset we have determined never to charge for anything we send out. Funded only by our personal tithes we have done quite well. Many times folks insist on helping out financially to which I reply, "I only need help in spreading the word". Of great help was a man in Texas that donated and maintains a web site for us. Another web site was developed by a friend locally. Another friend of FreedomInfo in Virginia had advertising cards printed and sent to me. Many have donated advertising space to me or published my articles.

My goal and vision has not diminished over these past years: get people interested in BIBLE study! While I do encourage regular church attendance and exercising our individual gifts and talents- it should not be in lieu of personal bible study. A sure fire way to find God’s will towards men is prayer and bible study. God will lead us in all truth if we fervently pray for guidance and allow God to fashion our character into His image. We must also resolve to yield to His Word- be willing to change when we find we are in error.

Someone will surely point out that prayer and bible study does not require the ministries I support in my catalog. If any are like me, I had read quite a bit of the Bible starting out only to realize I needed help. I was comforted when I read in Acts 8, as a man was reading from a scroll of Isaiah and didn't comprehend the message. He was compelled to cry out "how can I understand unless a man show me!" God, in His mercy, did put teachers into His church for the purpose of perfecting those He calls to repentance. But as always it is up to the individual to prove the beliefs from his personal bible.

It has been a rewarding time with this ministry and we look ahead to the future for greater growth and more opportunities to serve the searching souls in their quest to find that narrow path that leads to LIFE. Please view the online catalog for good bible studies and free sermon tapes, or if you would like a printed copy e-mail me at: Freeinfo7@Juno.com or send to: Freedom Info, Box 1806, West Chester OH 45071.

Written by: Wayne Schatzle, director, FBIC

Wayne, wife Betty, and his family of four children and three grandchildren reside north of Cincinnati Ohio USA. Born and raised Catholic of hard working German stock, fought in Vietnam. Later joined the VFW and served as Chaplain. This family discovered the truth of the seventh day Sabbath and began attending the SDA church in 1979, later attended the WCG, CGI then in 1996 with a handful of other believers formed an independent group- the Heartland Fellowship in Middletown Ohio. That same year Wayne formed his personal ministry- Freedom Info. Wayne is self employed doing maintenance for restaurants and a retirement village.


WAYNE freeinfo7@juno.com

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