By Wayne Schatzle


       The hot word of the day is: diversity. Some argue that the way to be a harmonious nation is to appreciate others by studying their individual cultures. In the past this seemed to be a likely remedy for good race relations when there were only a couple of cultures inhabiting this country. Today the number of significant nationalities dwelling in the United States numbers well over 100. It would be a full time task to learn about them all, and as one man remarked, “I do not have the time nor the interest to study my own cultural roots much less others.” Another problem of diversity studies is, that by the very name, expresses our differences rather than things that make us kinsmen. Jesus said it best: “a kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation” {Lk 11}.Some refuse to even learn English or honor the flag. This country shows its greatness when we are one rather than a collection of factions.


       Arguably, the greatest nation that ever existed was Israel of old, particularly in the time from Moses and Joshua. This was a nation constructed and instructed by God. He was the King and had a system of judges and priests under Him. A vital element to any nation is just laws- which was given to Israel. Today, many dislike the laws of old and do not understand the necessity of them, but God was clear that the laws were for their own good and that all men could live happily and in peace when they are observed {Deut 6} and they were to be observed throughout all their generations. Another misconception many believe is that only Israel born people could be citizens of God’s nation, which is far from the case. Families from any nation could become Israelites but were required to keep those same laws {Deut 31:12/ 27:19; Ex 19: 43& 49}. But the key to accept the stranger and foreigner into the fold was that they must put aside their past traditions! God mixes no words that people were not to worship Him with the relics of the nations around them. There would be no studies and celebrations of past cultures {Jer 10}. In fact there was to be no memory of them as they were to be utterly destroyed. It should be noted that the prohibition against mixed marriages was solely of a religious nature rather than differences in race as even Moses married an Ethiopian woman {Num 12}. Later Paul wrote that men, if they are Christ’s, are now Abraham’s seed and heirs to the promise. The fatal mistake many churches teach today is that they can be a Christian without changing their ways. Likewise, many will continue to cling to their old worldly ways rather than God’s.


       This nation seems to continually walk a tightrope trying to accept all religions and at the same time be a Judeo/Christian people and have a totally secular focus. Lots of luck. What was looked upon as the “melting pot of the world” this land has been so mired down by trying to be all things to all people it may never regain its former stature.


       The good news is that Jesus will return and the government will be on His shoulders. He will be King over the whole earth with no respect to former cultures and religions. Those same laws that Israel of old were fortunate to have will go forth from Zion and all nations will observe them {Micah 4}.


       Every nation has traditions that are dear to them. Even Abraham was told to leave his fathers house and customs and follow God to a strange land. Gideon was told to tear down his father’s pagan altars and idols. Some customs seem harmless to us but never the less are called an abomination to God. Simply put, our ways are not God’s ways. He is the potter and we are the clay let us allow God to decide what is acceptable.           01/03


Written By:: Wayne Schatzle, director, Freedom Biblical Information Center, PO Box 1806, West Chester OH 45071