By Wayne Schatzle


       I was once listening to a preacher listing things that were necessary for one to be a true Christian. One point was that they must believe that God is a Trinity. Other groups use that belief in ferreting out groups that could be considered cults, most notably Dr Walter Martin’s comment, "... not believing…you would be wrong enough to lose your soul for all eternity". Once I seen a paper that listed about a dozen things one must vow to before they could be considered for baptism and belief in the Trinity was necessary. Indeed this must be an important doctrine! Me being a stickler for proving my beliefs, I turned to my trusty Strong’s Concordance, and to my surprise, the word Trinity is not even in the bible. I turned to several of my commentaries, and also nothing was mentioned. Finally I did find a rather lengthy treatise on the subject in The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia. Even though they were apparently positive in the belief, they made some striking omissions: That it is not mentioned in the bible but rather "dissolved in scriptures"; triades of divinities occur in nearly all pagan religions; it is purely a revealed doctrine; it is indiscoverable by reason; there are no analogies in nature. The encyclopedia did a good job of describing the doctrine, about how there is three distinct God’s in one person; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

       In checking with my handbook of denominations, I see that most Christian groups do hold to that belief, but there are many others that do not. Some want to say that it is a provable belief from the bible, but even the New Catholic Encyclopedia describes the belief as being formed over 3 centuries by the Roman church- yet admit the idea would not stand up to the bible! In my study, I find a revealed, God the Father, and God the Son, and describes them both as having a Spirit. Jesus was with the Father for all eternity- until He was "made flesh" by being begotten by the Holy Spirit {which had to be the Spirit of the Father- or the Father would not have been the Father}. At that point Jesus {the Word} took the title of "Son". I also find the Holy Spirit being described as that Power of God. Many sources claim we cannot understand the nature of God- yet I read in Romans 1:20 "…His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made…" What do we find in nature but- DUALITY- just as God is two Beings. Also of note: the Apostle Paul brought to light many New Testament doctrines yet clearly omitted mention of a third person of the Godhead. All his letters contained the phrase-" Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ."

       Careful readers of the Bible will find many personifications, like "the blood cries out", "trees rejoice" or "the earth sings", so it is acceptable for God’s Spirit to also be personified. I have heard by some that it is like "the force" in Star Wars movies or electricity. It is all around and can do work for those who have command of it- presently, the Father and the Son. Sacred art depicts the Father and Son in the form of men- yet oddly enough the Holy Spirit as a BIRD! It would be tough to worship such an image.

       The Trinity doctrine does more than confuse people about the nature of God. It cloaks the fact that true believers can actually be Sons of God, heirs of all things. Jesus is the firstborn of many brethren and believers shall be the very children of God. We shall be like Him. Eye has not seen nor ear heard what is in store for the saved. Our Father’s occupation is Creator. When I look to the heavens I see a field waiting to be finished. As God said: I plant the heavens…. I think I would like to be around to help my Father in that job. 5/03/02