A Health plan you can live with


In an effort to avoid being cut open and having my heart worked on like so many of my friends of late I have decided to take some drastic measures in my life and be smart in what I shove into my mouth. I have read several books on the subject and I am sharing with you some of the highlights from my studies. Listed are some of the changes I am trying to make in my life. If you are content in ďliving to eatĒ and donít care if you wind up on an operation table and be cut open then you donít need to read any further. In addition I recommend reading anything by Jordan Rubin; George Malkmus; Elmer Josephson; Kevin Trudeau; Dr Michael Roizen; ďFast Food NationĒ by Eric Schlosser; and DVD: ďSupersize MeĒ with Morgan Spurlock. Nutrition is not an exact science so these experts will disagree on some points so I tried to list what they do agree on.  Remember when you cheat on eating right you only cheat yourself. Think before you eat unhealthy things and ask if you really want to eat it. Also if others in your family are trying to eat right- donít try to police each other over it, as it will just create hard feelings. Use the following as a checklist and work at your own pace- maybe just make one change pre week if thatís what you are comfortable with. Good luck!


Things to DO:

Take an adult multivitamin daily

Take daily barley capsules

Keep fingers out of your mouth

Chew your food 25-50 times

Breathe deeply

Have a high fiber diet

Eat breakfast

Eat organic foods

Eat lots of tomato products

Eat fresh raw veggies and fruit

Floss and brush teeth daily

Get 7 hours of sleep per day

Eat fish {salmon esp}

Have one beer or glass of wine

Drink lots of water {distilled best}

Drink black coffee

Drink tea {green best}

Eat whole grain breadGet 30 min of sun per day

Eat garlic, onions and pepper

Eat soy products

Eat dark chocolate

Eat flax seed

Avoid fluoride/ chlorine

Keep dish rag in bleach solution

Shower daily w/ mild soap

Eat 5 small meals per day

Recycle- itís good for everyone

Always use seat belts


Occasionally DO:

Use a colon cleanse

Eat eggs

Eat desserts

Use milk products



Rarely DO:

Use white sugar

Take over the counter drugs

Take prescription drugs

Eat fried foods

Eat canned food

Eat ingredients you canít pronounce

Snack between meals

Swim in chlorinated pools



Eat fast food or smorgasbords

Eat pork, shellfish & shrimp

Eat white bread & white rice

Get shots

Drink unfiltered tap water


Use table salt

Use trans fat

Use saturated fat

Eat hamburger meat

Drink soda pop

   Or diet drinks

   Or fake sugar

Use anti-perspirants

Use perfume/cologne


Get angry or worry

Get tattoos & piercings



Also suggested reading which can be found at your local library: The Makers Diet by Jordan Rubin {must read}; the Way We Eat- Why Our Food Choices Matter by Peter Singer & Jim Mason; Natural Health, Natural Medicine by Andrew Weil MD; Chew On This by Eric Schlosser {must read}; and Dr Rex Russell



Necessary Disclaimer: all material offered here is information I personally found of great interest and decided to incorporate into MY life- you should study this topic for yourself and make your own conclusions and act on what you prove to yourself to be the correct way to live. If you are under a doctorís care you should check with him or her before making any changes in your life, diet, or medications.


                                  My Quest for Good Health


Everyone is going to set their own goals and guidelines of what they reason to be right, or at least do what they can live with. In my studies I have read of people taking such extremes with food choices they wonít even eat something thatís been in a plastic container and of course they will give a good reason for that. For me I am tackling the big things first and will work my way to the purist diet and lifestyle possible. For those interested in the things I am doing I will list them here. This may pretty long and boring so you may want to read this last in that I may have a tip in here to solve a problem you may come across sometime.


            I thought I would tackle the big things first. In life the most important thing is AIR. It is the first necessity of life and you live the least time when you are deprived of it. I live in the country, at least semi-country since the farms are now turning into subdivisions. So the air is still pretty good outside. For inside air I have installed filters on the heater. Not those cheap 79 cent ones but the better ones that cost over $5 and I change them about once a month. Also in the closets I have ozone and ion exchangers machines. They kill airborne bacteria& mold and the ion exchangers change the polarity in the house so when the sun shines thru the window you donít see dust floating in the air because it drops to the floor. Those small plug in devices are less than a hundred bucks and worth it. I have to admit our home is not the most energy efficient. I donít like to seal it up airtight. The oxygen you breathe has to get inside somewhere, so itís a trade off losing some heat for oxygen. We do have house plants to aid the generation of oxygen and we are looking to get some ivy plants that are said to not only give off the vital oxygen buy kill mold spores.  For a sweeper we use a bag-less one with a hepa filter on it- ideally those whole-house vacs would be excellent as they deposit ALL the dust outside the living area. During the dry winter months we run a humidifier all the time. I love people and like animals. Those I love are allowed to live in the house with me- those I like {animals} are welcome to live on my property. I will never understand how people can let animals ruin their homes and endangering their health by giving them run of the house. If you absolutely must dwell with an unclean animal like a dog or cat be aware that much of the ďdustĒ you have in the house is dander, either from your family or animal. That is part of what you breathe. The next thing is their waste in the house is a great source of nasty germs, blood sucking insects, and parasites that will find their way into your body. Be aware and count the cost. We usually have at least four cats roaming the barn area and around the house, they will usually lay by our feet when we sit outside and are pretty friendly but whenever we offer to bring them in for a bit on a very cold day they really get spooked and want OUT. I think itís in an animalís nature to be outside. This closed in house living, sitting on a couch watching TV is an invention of men.


            The next important thing is water. For our first 25 years we just had a cistern which was nice soft rainwater in our shower and clothes washer- but we had to scrounge for drinking water. Now we have that wonderful city water. That has its share of plus and minusí. The plus is- it never runs out, itís cheap, and safe from microbes. The bad features are several but not something we couldnít fix. Our Butler county water is pretty hard but that was easily remedied by a trip to Home Depot and pick up a Water Boss softener. Me being handy at maintenance, I installed it in no time for under $420. The next bad thing is CHEMICALS in the water. Although it solved the problem of microbes coming into the house, it also allows us to drink and adsorb bacteria killing chemical into our bodies. The problem is we NEED beneficial bacteria to digest our food. There again, an easy fix by installing a charcoal filter into our water line after it leaves the softener and before it enters the pipes. That was pretty cheap- under $50. I also bought a reverse osmosis filter system just for the drinking water. As an additional measure we got a pitcher with a charcoal drip filter. That all sounds like over kill and maybe is but it was all very inexpensive to install so I did. But for most people, at the very least, get a charcoal filter on your line for showering and would still get distilled water to drink. I have seen it at Wal-mart for under 70 cents a gallon already. Also, just because they are handy, I will pickup a 24 case of bottled water and refill the bottle after I am finished 3 or 4 times before I recycle the bottle also read the label on the drinking water- some of it is no more than city water just put in bottles. If you do refill the bottles, do a sniff test before you drink from them as the germs from your mouth can get in the bottle and incubate- if it smells a but musty- discard it and get a new bottle. Also to change pace a bit on drinking water, I bought several flavors- just put a drop of vanilla, peppermint, lemon or orange flavor in a bottle is great. Also drink a lot of tea, hot or cold. I got used to drinking tea without sugar- but if you like sweet tea we have found a good green tea sweetened with honey in Arizona brand tea- its pretty expensive but we have found a similar green tea& honey concentrate by Nestea for about a buck and makes one gallon- so just pick up a bottle of distilled water and there you are, a great drink under 2 bucks a gallon. In addition now coffee is shown to be GOOD for you so I drink a lot of that. I try to get whole beans and grind it myself enough to last a couple of days. I like to spend a bit extra and get good beans and the distilled water and I have coffee better than Starbucks at a fraction of the cost.. Mostly I will use the distilled water even though my tap water is as good. I canít say enough about the water because I had to get in the habit of drinking a lot more water than I used to. They say after a gallon a day it may be getting too much for you. Any money you spend on getting good water is worth it even if you have to cut corners somewhere else. It should be stressed that although soda pop is mostly water, it also contains 11 teaspoons of sugar, artificial colors and sodium and carbonated water. Diet sodas are worse, so I am determined never to drink sodas again.


            The next big thing is meat- oh the meat. What a bone of contention it is. Listen, I just have to trust God at His word that pork, shrimp, crabs, and lobsters are not fit to eat. It seems nothing gets people going so much at the sight of me not wanting to eat pork. I have made so many excuses: Iím full, Iím allergic to it, my teeth hurt and canít chew. What I say now is: the Bible forbids me to eat it. Thatís the truth and usually ends the discussion. Most people are ignorant of what the Bible says on the subject anyway. I look at as part of the deal I made with God, ďIíll do what I can do and beg Him to do the restĒ. Its plain teaching what meat is created eat so I just do it. I may cheat on other areas of my diet but not that- end of subject.  It is interesting that the bible shows that priests have violated His law and put no difference between the clean and unclean {Eze 22; Isa 65}- but thatís their problem. I know there is a difference and observe that Law. I believe it when the bible says that sin is the transgression of the LAW. There is no argument that when the term LAW is used itís always the first five books of the bible. I also believe that transgressing the meat rules is a sin; therefore, for me it is a sin to eat swineís flesh. I know there are people that eat it all their lives and live to a ripe old age- I also know people that commit adultery; lie; steal; take the Lordís name in vain and break the Sabbath and live to a ripe old age. So other people can do as they wish but for me I believe it is a sin. And talking about cheap meat- I eat NO HAMBURGER or HOTDOGS. If you have seen it before its ground up you wouldnít eat it {unless you are like my German family that also eats pigís feet; blood sausage and liver pudding}. God also prohibits eating fat and blood- and hamburger and hotdogs is just fat and scraps. What is coming to light more now is the presence of the E-coli bacteria that is laced into hamburger meat. You need to eat less meat anyway so buy a better cut.


            Next, NO more bleached white flour or white bread comes into the house. When I go out I try to eat whole wheat bread when I can. Did you know just by eating whole wheat bread you bring the chance of getting colon cancer down to nearly zero? Mostly just due to the fiber. Thatís another thing thatís easy to do. Itís also nice to get a bread making machine and make your own- so simple even I can make a loaf of bread. Its amazing the few ingredients it really takes to make it compared to the all the strange sounding names on the side of the bread package in store bought bread. While mentioning ďwhiteĒ food- itís all bad. We only buy brown rice as well. This may be a good place to mention oils. We are getting a lot smarter about the oil we are using. When you hear of restaurants doing away with transfats and Government requiring labeling when they are present in foods it is a big deal. Its worth a study in itself, but simply put when food makers mess with fats and they become transfat, the very molecules become like hooks and injure the arteries, then when the blood attempts to repair the damage it clogs fat on the injury then you are looking for blockage in your arteries. Get very picky in the oils you use as your life may depend on it.


            Ok, I have read enough books now to say I am not eating at McDonaldís anymore. Literally everything on their menu is unfit to eat. If you read some of the books I have suggested you will find out why I feel as I do. Actually, I want to eliminate all fast food restaurants but I have others here that still want to go to those places {need I say more?}. The sheer volume of animals eaten at fast food restaurants is amazing, we are talking in the multiple millions per day! And to satisfy those quantities, animal factories are sped up to a pace that has little regard for health concerns let alone the humane treatment of Godís created beings. You need to read it all for yourself and make a wise choice to drive past that fast food joint. Concerning eating out in general. I had worked in restaurant maintenance many years and can tell you that some are so dirty and serve spoiled food you are at great risk eating there. When you see a crew and manager of just teens and not using healthy habits, like wearing gloves and the kitchen is in disarray you better leave. If the food is not up to your standards send it back or get a refund. Do not go to smorgasbords because you WILL overeat. There is never a good excuse to eat too much. Also be aware on those salad bars that not just the kitchen workers are touching your food- all the customers handle those tongs and get their fingers in the food. Next time you go to one- get a table close to the salad bar and watch what goes on. Maybe one of the worst places for sanitary eating is church potlucks- even assuming the dishes were made under great care before being brought in- they will sit for quite a while at room temperature till eaten, often uncovered to allow flies to eat on it first. Iím getting in tune to notice people licking their fingers then touching food; everyoneís hands in the big bowl of chips; and of course youngsters with cold and runny noses and little concern about infecting others. I know it looks bad but I try to be among the first in line for all the reasons I just named- I try not to knock down any little old ladies to be first.


            How about fresh eggs? Those you see in the supermarket for 50 cents a dozen arenít a good choice as they are raised in factory farms under horrible conditions and extreme cruelty to the hens and make them live their short lives confined to a cage no bigger than a piece of copy paper. Organic eggs can be bought for over $4 per dozen, but even then there are several definitions of what ďorganicĒ means. One producer in California sells for $4-$5 per HALF dozen. He says he is doing everything the way it should be done for a very healthy egg. He reasons that one healthy egg for 70 cents is a better buy that a $4.50 latteí that isnít even food. He may have a valid point. I have decided that it is worthwhile to raise my own eggs. I built a small house and a fully encaged run for my hens. I have just 6 hens and they provide enough eggs for us and my sisters and dad and neighbors. I decided not to use the ďsuper laying mashĒ due to possible antibiotics and unknown fillers. Instead I give them cracked corn and scratch feed- which is also cheaper than the laying mash- but also produces a few less eggs, but I get more than enough and I donít sell them so there is no need to force the issue. Even if you are in the city that allows cats and dogs you can check to see if you can have a couple chickens. I wouldnít get roosters and they do make noise and will bother the neighbors. They are fun to raise and give you nutritious eggs back. And as a bonus, their manure is one of the best fertilizers you can get to put on your garden and I get a little exercise taking care of them. Finally, I can have a delicious pot of soup from my hen that kept on giving to the end.


            Eliminate stress in your life. Since I retired I can look back at the amount of stress I have been living with. As I sit and read a book maybe every 5 minutes a haunting thought will enter my mind that I am wasting time and must do something productive. And speaking of reading, it seems to be a lost art. Did you notice that since libraries started having videos and DVDs that the book isles are hardly used? Libraries used to promote reading and getting people to stop watching TV. Anyway, I will pick a subject and study it for weeks finding material on that alone. If you must get DVDs from the library, PBS has many interesting subjects. I try to avoid any fiction, as it is mostly the dream of the author so why waste the time. Another thing is the news. Do I need to know all the bad things that are going on around me? Itís the same with the newspaper- I PAY 50 cents a day for negative news. I am on several forums and get e-mails from all over. Of course many people feel itís their obligation to send news of all the horrible things happening over the world and give updates on the latest scandals. I have developed a standard for news like this: If the only thing I can DO about it is worry- I donít want to hear about it. Even in Christian circles there is so much talk about 666, the illuminati, and the beast of revelation. When that talk starts- I always ask: what can we do about it? Which is followed by a puzzled look? Then I say, letís talk about something we can do something about. How about driving stress and road rage? Allow enough time for the trip you are taking. I go the speed limit so I donít worry about a cop pulling me over and I time my drives away from traffic and rush hour. Associate with POSITIVE people. The bible says, Iron sharpens iron so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend {Prov 27:17} thatís works in reverse as well so surround yourself with excellent people. Some stress is unavoidable in life. Experts show that watching football games cause considerable stress. I myself used to get very stressed watching my favorite team. Every play is either an up or a down and if they lose I am down the rest of the day or maybe even the day after. I have since decided to watch just the last quarter or less, and if they are losing not even that. Maybe some will call me a fair-weather fan, but for my heartsí sake this is the way itís going to be. I am quite content to watch other games that I donít care who wins so I do enjoy football. If you are one that has to have music going all the time- have a CD of praise music going. It is so uplifting and keeps your mind on the important thing in life. I used to listen to ďtalk radioĒ all the time and never realized how edgy and opinionated I had become- once again everything to get fired up about and canít do a darn thing about it. And something I have done for years is MEDITATE. Find a peaceful quiet place and start by praying to God and ask that He direct your thoughts in the things you must address in your life. This is a lost key of successful living as we are so in tuned to having music, TV or any of the other things to spend our time on vying for our attention.


            Not too many years ago I sold Parasite cleanse herbal capsules. It was hard to sell them because it was an embarrassing subject and people did not want to admit they had worms. I am here to tell you it is more common that you think. I highly recommend at least once a year do a parasite cleanse. You should be able to get the caps at any health food store or through Puritanís Pride. I have had people tell me horrendous stories about passing dead worms after using the products I sold. Another vital thing to do is Colon Cleanse at the very least once a month. You donít realize it but you have impacted fecal matter in your colon. Itís said that John Wayne had 45 pounds of crap in him when he died {literally full of it}, and that may be an average amount. The problem is it lines you colon and interferes with the absorption of nutrients when you eat. Once again, Puritan Pride has the capsules and it is easily done. Speaking of ailments: a good investment is quality books on natural healing as opposed to using over the counter and prescription medicines. These days there is a glut of expensive and harmful medicines being advertised on TV. Sometimes you canít even tell what they are for Ė they just want to buy them or tell your doctor you want those drugs. All those drugs have side effects- in fact many of them are just to alleviate the side effects of some other drug. Once you start down that road it is hard to get off of it. If you have ever taken antibiotics you probably need to detox yourself and take some Acidophilus capsules to build up the friendly bacteria in your intestinal tract.


I want to have a nice garden to grow fresh veggies to eat. I have seen many people tend a big flower garden then go to the store and buy the substandard foods they sell. The flowers are really nice but it would make way better sense to plant the nice things to eat and buy the flowers, if itís one or the other. Actually flowers are good in a vegetable garden, as some will actually keep bugs away. In my garden I am going to try to plant Heirloom seeds. These are not hybrid plants but apparently original vegetables that were here from then beginning. Itís a pretty interesting read if you want to check up on it. Plus you keep the seeds from the crop and use them next year. We have many walnut trees on our property. They used to be looked upon as a nuisance when we are mowing but we are finding now they have great health benefits. Usually if you see someone with walnut trees you can stop and ask for some and the people are GLAD to get rid of them. But they are good for you and fun to husk/ dry and crack. Tomatoes are almost a miracle food. Try to incorporate them into every meal. We decided that salsa and white unsalted corn chips are a good side entrťeí or snack. As most canned foods are loaded with salt including salsa we decided to make out own from the great homegrown tomatoes from our garden, mix with spices {leave out the salt} and can. We also made spaghetti sauce the same way with Italian type seasoning and we have a wild variety of garlic that we grow here, they are smaller than the store variety but taste the same and grow like weeds. I try not to use any insecticide and herbicides as well.


I do have supplements I take, but if I feel I am getting a certain thing in my food that day I will hold off on the supplement. For my age they say we need things in a quantity we do not get in food. I donít like to overdo vitamins so I watch it. I have found the best supplements at the lowest price from Puritanís Pride. I order online {www.puritan.com} and usually have them here in two days. I take: Green source {as a multivitamin}; vitamin E; cod liver oil caps; soy lecithin for the heart; Barley grass tabs; and if my joints get sore Alfalfa caps. Also we have a shaker of bran and one for flax seeds we top our meals with. And I should mention to take all your saltshakers and put them in the garbage. Americans get WAY more sodium that they should- you will get more than enough by accident. I know people that have high blood pressure because they use too much salt but choose to take dangerous drug with side effects so they can still load their food with salt- go figure. You should realize that eating good fresh food may have 200 compounds in it and we only know what a few of those ingredients do. Itís tempting to think if I just take the vitamin a particular food is know for I need not consume the food itself but we are missing out on a lot that the Creator has included in the package.


You have to exercise. There I said it. But from the reading I am doing you donít have to kill yourself to do enough to get benefit. Since I retired I am really feeling being out of shape and it takes extra effort to do it. My knees are not in the best shape so I donít do anything demanding. For instance I bought a Tony Little Gazelle ďwalkerĒ {$99). It has no impact on your joints and itís pretty easy to use and has digital readouts. I try to use it each time I pass it in the house. Walking is the best thing you can do for yourself. When you shop, park as far away as you can to make yourself walk. Try to do some exercise for 30 minutes a day total. That can be broken up into 3, ten-minute segments. Actually on my Gazelle walker, according to the digital readout on it, I can do about a half mile of walking motion in 10 minutes.


I have settled into an eating plan that works well for me. They say 5 small meals per day are ideal but as I retired 5 meals donít work well for me. If you are overweight you will tend to overeat- but just having the knowledge that you will get 5 meals you will be satisfied with smaller portions. Usually when I get up I will drink two cups of black coffee. If I do a colon or parasite cleanse I will do it now and skip the lunch meal; around 11/11:30 I will have a brunch; maybe a very small snack about 2 pm which is a handful of snacks and a beer or ice tea; supper is around 5 depending on everyoneís schedule. That will be our biggest meal; then sometime before 9pm {no eating after that hour!} I will enjoy a good handful of trail mix {Samís Choice, ďNatureĒ in purple bag or ďIndulgentĒ, in orange bag} I get from Wal-mart. seems to be the best value and quality and I like the contents of other brands I have tried. Although I discovered pretty good mixes at Wild Oats {an organic store in Mason} itís a bit pricey but I do not want to cheat myself on nutrition. Also for a snack I keep unsalted peanuts in the shell to eat them slower. The absolute best I have ever found is Hampton Farms sold at Meijerís grocery in the produce section get the jumbo unsalted in shell for only about $1.50 on sale. And remember- drink all the water you want {if only tap water is available I will do without}. This may be a good place to say- eat slower and chew your food thoroughly. Food should be swallowed in a near liquid state so your digestion system doesnít have to do so much work. I found to slow me down from eating too fast I will put my fork down between each bite as a reminder or if a sandwich, put it down on the plate after each bite.

Whatís a real Christian anyway? Is it just someone that believes in Jesus and occasionally attends one of the many churches when it doesnít interfere with something more important? Or maybe it goes a bit deeper than that. Maybe itís someone that is eager to share the faith they have with others and has deep concerns on living right and bringing up their children in the Lord. Maybe a true follower of Christ has convictions about the social ills of society, how men have raped the earth and polluted the waters, and as I have come to see in my studies, sees a horrible sin happening by abusing the animals we eat. How often in the news do we see someone in front of a judge for abusing a pet yet there is little concern for the treatment of the animals we use for food. Factory farms and slaughter houses should be of great concern for Christians. Eating veal should be off your list for certain as it is well documented the torture calves endure for our dinner plate. Concerned people should look for labels like: locally grown; Heirloom; organic; fair trade; environmentally-friendly; certified humane; free range; wild caught; humanely raised; and kosher. Try to remember those labels and look for their seal on the foods you purchase. People are becoming more aware of the unethical practices used in the manufacturing of our food and various concerned groups are coming up with new seals all the time. Itís not a perfect system but is just another small thing Christians should do for Godís wonderful creation.


Itís easy to read right over in the bible but Christians are instructed to FAST. At least once a year I will do a complete fast as it is commanded on the Day of Atonement. A complete fast is no food or water for 24 hours from sundown to sundown. I have done that for decades but am just now finding the physical benefits for doing that. It is a bit hard so that is the only complete fast I do per year but I try to do many mini-fasts, actually one per week is great. When I do the min-fast I will not eat after supper till the next morning then maybe just a cup of coffee then break the fast during a later lunch. The benefits are too numerous to mention here, but I recommend reading, ďWhat the Bible Says about Healthy LivingĒ {chapter five} by Dr Rex Russell.


Iím in this study for life and my goals for the next decade are to eat only organic whether if I buy food or grow my own; eat very little meat if any at all; and get in the habit of exercising. For those with children it is an extremely important responsibility to teach your kids the importance of eating well as they will probably carry that knowledge all their lives and in turn teach it to their kids. I have seen parents feed their kids candy all through a church service and fight with them because they were so hyper, then during the potluck meal fight with them to eat their meal- then usually waste the meal and give them the dessert. I am not so self-deceived to think I will not cheat on eating right. But when I cheat it will be sometime I really, really like. In the past it was a reflex action to ďsee food-eat foodĒ and when I did wolf down a Krispy Creame donut I would always think- that wasnít that good and I was sorry I didnít use a bit of will-power to resist that. Try to think first and weigh if it will be as good eating an item, as it will be feeling good by not eating it. We have found it best to take extra time when grocery shopping. Read labels. Shop smart. If you donít put trash in your basket at the store you wonít be tempted to consume it later. To put junk food in your basket is PLANNING to cheat later on. One doctor said to care for the arteries and everything else will take care of itself. So think of your arteries when you make food choices. I canít stress enough to study into nutrition and how it relates to living as a complete Christian. Again, get the book by Jordan Rubin, ďthe Makers DietĒ. And with that book, study your bible and look up the scriptures he refers to. I have found in life that when you just believe something because some other person told you, that belief will not last long. But when you prove something to yourself and do the research you have a belief that will last you a lifetime. As always it is my prayer for you to our Great God and Healer that He will guide you on the narrow path that leads to Life and that He will show you the good choices in life for your good health and that you may become a light to others and reflect the glory of our wonderful Savior. In Jesusí Name, amen  Wayne