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My Quest for Good Health
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Locked up inside this mild mannered maintenance man is an action figure called Healthyman. He cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound but he can walk a few miles without fainting. He is nowhere near as powerful as a locomotive but he has power to make good food choices and stay away things that sap his vitality. This booklet documents the struggle to release this dynamic man with clean arteries and healthy organs. I invite you to join me in this life saving mission.

I need lots of motivation when I decide to make any changes in my life. I am also terrible at getting others to do things so I will just relate what works for me {so far}. The first reason for me to even think about getting on to a better diet was standing looking down at yet another Christian brother resting in a coffin. His untimely death was not due to some freak accident but because he failed to choose healthier foods in life. It caused me to think back of so many of my friends and family that have either passed on or endured ghastly operations to repair diet related problems. Every week I listen to long lists of Christians seeking prayers on their behalf and usually half of those requests are yet again the effects of eating maladies. Christians should be the healthiest people on earth- they are the light of the world and should be a beacon to non-believers, not just a path to eternal salvation but also to a Way to live in this physical life. Do a little test sometime: ask people if they would rather be wealthy or healthy. I am willing to bet the overwhelming choice will be healthy. Then ask the person to detail what they are doing to get wealthy- you will hear things like working every day, investing their money wisely and making careful purchases. Then ask them what they are doing to be healthy, most likely they will say nothing special so are they lying or just plain lazy? As I stand before the door with a 60 on it I am feeling more mortal with every passing day. I am writing this booklet as a way to share the hours of reading I have done on this important subject. I don’t want any money for it because I think it is a Christian duty to help others and if I get any rewards in heaven- I will sure take them. This booklet is a composite of the common thought of the authors listed and the revealed keys to health God has listed in the pages of the Holy Bible. I don’t think I have run across anything too hard and have come to the conclusion that being healthy is easier than being wealthy. So as you read this keep in mind the healthy/ wealthy test and if you decide it’s not worth it or it’s too hard- just stop reading and pass the booklet on to someone else. Just remember the old Jewish proverb: “Learn & Live, and not suffer the consequences of Living and Learning”. Experience is one tough teacher, my friend.

Everyone is going to set their own goals and guidelines of what they reason to be right, or at least do what they can live with. In my studies I have read of people going to such extremes they won’t even eat something that’s been in a plastic container and of course they will give a good reason for that. I am accepting the things that the professionals agree upon and square with the Bible. I am not interested in sensational “fad” diets of which there are dozens- so I will entitle my diet: “Wayne’s Common Sense Diet for life”. For me I am tackling the big things first and will work my way to the purist diet and lifestyle possible. For those interested in the things I am doing I will list them here. You should study and set your own goals. If you are under a doctors care or have obvious health issues now- you better seek professional advice. Incidentally, for those that think bypass operations is the answer: I was shocked to learn that the average bypass only lasts 5 years and in the case of a coworker it only lasted 4 years! He was totally devastated that he had to endure another, and lamented that the doctors never mentioned he should eat healthier. My friend Patrick died during the second bypass operation.  

Excuses. We all have either made or heard others make excuses for not eating right. They say it is genetics and I can’t help it if I am sick or fat. Just a note on genetics: we see mankind in the first chapters of the bible living to be over 900 years of age. Back in that age human bodies were near perfect, they could even marry siblings with no problems. Over the generations we damage our DNA strands by sickness and eating poorly. Eventually there was so much damage of the chain of DNA that big trouble happened when close relatives mated so it became mandatory to choose a partner not of your family so the damage places in the DNA would not line up and be passed on to the child. What they are finding out is that families also eat the same things and imitate the same lifestyle so when you see an entire family overweight it is not necessarily caused by genetics but lifestyle which can be changed simply by changing your lifestyle. A case in point is diabetes. That is a disease that probably is genetic BUT is very curable and at least managed by good eating habits without taking drugs. Shockingly diabetes cases are skyrocketing with more cases reported each year. The thinking now is that 25% of the population has a profile to develop it, so it should be a priority to get checked for it and take precautions in life choices. There are many books that you can study if that is an affliction of yours plus it is mentioned in most books I have recommended in this paper. When we are young we could seemingly eat anything and didn’t bother us, but age slows down the metabolism so we can’t deal with bad food choices as easily, add to that all the damage done during our youth compounds the problem. Poor health is a given if we are not more diligent in living better. Having said all that it should be noted that the best selling book, “The 8 Week Cholesterol Cure” by Robert Kowalski {1987} says that some people are predisposed to high cholesterol and would have to take some medication as well as a changed diet, but even he being one of those predisposed to high cholesterol manages it with lots of oat bran {50 grams} and high doses {3 grams} of niacin {B-3} daily. If you fall into the category of being predisposed don’t use it as an excuse to do nothing but rather the sign you are one that must try harder. New developments in gene study points to the fact that people can control their genes! With good life choices we can “turn off” our genes to prevent damages. The most often excuse for eating better is, “their always changing ideas on what is good and bad”. That’s true and for a good reason- we are getting smarter and using better ways to analyze the food we eat- this is a good thing and a reason to keep abreast of new developments in nutrition. I have read some things from the 70s and there was a lot of misinformation, BUT there was a lot of truth and it was evident they were on the right track. The sad part is when we are young and healthy {and blissfully ignorant} we are unconcerned with nutrition and are guided mostly by taste. One interesting article was about autopsies performed on young men that were killed in battle in Korea, and it was amazing the number of them that had serious plaque buildup in their arteries even at their young ages! In Christian circles the excuse is always, “the Kingdom of God is not meat or drink”- how true, and also how we pontificate on that truth. We can afford to be self righteous and use that excuse but when we get sick our philosophy is out the window. We will not only petition everyone we know for prayers we will seek anything the medical profession has to offer, THEN try all the home remedies and natural foods. Let’s be honest and responsible with our diets now in the good times.

            I thought I would tackle the big things first. In life the most important thing is AIR. It is the first necessity of life and we live the least amount of time when we are deprived of it. If you smoke tobacco and have no plans to stop, any other changes you make will do you little good. I live in the country, at least semi-country since the farms are now sprouting subdivisions. So the air is still pretty good outside. For inside air I have installed filters on the heater. Not those cheap 79 cent ones but the better ones that cost over $5 {NaturalAire by Precisionaire} and I change them about once a month or so. Also in the closets I have ozone generator and ion exchanger units. They kill airborne bacteria& mold plus remove odors and the ion exchangers change the polarity of the room so when the sun shines thru the window you don’t see dust floating in the air because it drops to the floor. Those small plug-in devices are less than a hundred bucks and worth it. I have to admit our home is not the most energy efficient. I don’t like to seal it up airtight. The oxygen we breathe has to get inside somewhere, so it’s a trade off losing some heat for oxygen. We do have house plants to aid the generation of oxygen and we are looking to get some ivy plants that are said to not only give off the vital oxygen but kill mold spores as well.  For a sweeper we use a bagless one with a hepa filter on it- ideally those whole-house vacs would be excellent as they deposit ALL the dust outside the living area. During the dry winter months we run a humidifier all the time… I love people and like animals. Those I love {people} are allowed to live in the house with me- those I like {animals} are welcome to live on my property. I will never understand how people can let animals ruin their homes and endangering their health by giving them run of the house. If you absolutely must dwell with a unclean animal like a dog or cat be aware that much of the “dust” you have in the house is dander, either from your family or animal. That is part of what you breathe. The next thing is their waste in the house is a great source of nasty germs, blood sucking insects, and parasites that will find their way into your body. Even a bird in a cage is a danger to your lungs when it flaps its wings and spreads dust from its droppings into the air for you to breathe. Be aware and count the cost. We usually have at least four cats roaming the barn area and outside the house, they will usually lay by our feet when we sit on the porch and are pretty friendly but whenever we offer to bring them in for a bit on a very cold day they really get spooked and want OUT. I think it’s in an animal’s nature to be outside. This closed-in house living, sitting on a couch watching TV is an invention of men. Next is to USE your lungs! Maintain a good posture and breathe deeply- make a habit of exhaling completely and inhaling fully.

            The next important thing is water. For our first 25 years we just had a cistern which was nice soft rainwater for our shower and clothes washer but beings as it came from a polluted sky and drained off our equally dirty roof we had to scrounge for drinking water. Now we have that wonderful city water. That has it’s share of plus and minus’. The plus is- it never runs out, it’s cheap, and safe from microbes. The bad features are several but not something we couldn’t fix. Our county water is pretty hard but that was easily remedied by a trip to Home Depot and pick up a Water Boss softener. Me being handy at maintenance, I installed it in no time for under $420. The next bad thing is CHEMICALS in the water. Although it solved the problem of microbes coming into the house, it also allows us to drink and absorb bacteria killing chemical into our bodies. The problem is we NEED beneficial bacteria to digest our food. There again, an easy fix by installing a charcoal filter into our water line after it leaves the softener and before it enters the pipes. That was pretty cheap- under $50. I also bought a reverse osmosis filter system just for the drinking water. As an additional measure we got a pitcher with a charcoal drip filter. That all sounds like overkill and maybe it is but it was all very inexpensive to install so I did it. But for most people, at the very least, get a charcoal filter on your line for showering and would still get distilled water to drink. I have seen it at Wal-mart for under 70 cents a gallon already. Also, just because they are handy, I will pickup a 24 case of bottled water and refill the bottle after I am finished 3 or 4 times before I recycle the bottle also read the label on the drinking water- some of it is no more than city water just put in bottles. If you do refill the bottles, do a sniff test before you drink from them as the germs from your mouth can get in the bottle and incubate- if it smells a bit musty- discard it and get a new bottle. Also to change pace a bit on drinking water, I bought several flavors- just put a drop of vanilla, peppermint, lemon or orange flavor in a bottle is great. Also drink a lot of tea, hot or cold. I got used to drinking tea without sugar- but if you like sweet tea we have found a good green tea sweetened with honey in Arizona brand tea- its pretty expensive but we have found a similar green tea& honey concentrate by Nestea for about a buck and makes one gallon- so just pick up a bottle of distilled water and there you are, a great drink under 2 bucks a gallon. In addition now coffee is shown to be GOOD for you so I drink a lot of that. I try to get whole beans and grind it myself enough to last a couple of days. I like to spend a bit extra and get good beans and use distilled water and I have coffee better than Starbucks at a fraction of the cost. Mostly I will use the distilled water even though my filtered tap water is as good. I can’t say enough about the water because I had to get in the habit of drinking a lot more water than I used to. They say after a gallon a day it may be getting too much for you but just make sure you urinate frequently and as a test if you are drinking enough your urine should be clear and have no odor. Any money you spend on getting good water is worth it even if you have to cut corners somewhere else. It should be stressed that although soda pop is mostly water, it also contains 11 teaspoons of sugar in a 12 ounce can, artificial colors and sodium and carbonated water. Diet sodas are worse with some pretty strange chemical sweeteners in them, so I am determined never to drink sodas again. And if you love your kids- don’t start them drinking that stuff in the first place!

              The next big thing is meat- oh the meat. What a bone of contention it is. Listen, I just have to trust God at His word that pork, shrimp, crabs, and lobsters are not fit to eat. It seems nothing gets people going so much at the sight of me not wanting to eat pork. I have made so many excuses: I’m full; I’m allergic to it, my teeth hurt and can’t chew. What I say now is: the Bible forbids me to eat it. That’s the truth and usually ends the discussion. Most people are ignorant of what the Bible says on the subject anyway. I look at as part of the deal I made with God, “I’ll do what I can do and beg Him to do the rest”. If I am going to claim the promise God gave about living an abundant, healthy life, I have to consider the little word “IF you keep My laws” as He said. It is plain teaching what meat is created to be eaten so I just obey {Leviticus 11; Deuteronomy 14}. I may cheat on other areas of my diet but not that- end of subject.  It is interesting that the bible shows that priests have violated His law and put no difference between the clean and unclean {Ezekiel 22; Isaiah 65}- but that’s their problem. I know there is a difference and observe that Law. I believe it when the bible says that sin is the transgression of the LAW. There is no argument that when the term LAW is used it’s always the first five books of the bible. I also believe that transgressing the meat rules is a sin, therefore, for me it is a sin to eat swine’s flesh. I know there are people that eat it all their lives and live to a ripe old age- I also know people that commit adultery; lie; steal; take the Lord’s name in vain and break the Sabbath and live to a ripe old age. So other people can do as they wish but for me I believe it is a sin. The study of DNA is relatively new and the thinking is that the old saying “you are what you eat” is true because when you partake of unclean animal you also take their DNA as your own!  And talking about cheap meat- I eat NO HAMBURGER or HOTDOGS. If you have seen it before its ground up you wouldn’t eat it {unless you are like my German family that also eats pickled pig’s feet; blood sausage and liver pudding encased in pig intestines}. God also prohibits eating fat and blood- and hamburger and hotdogs is just fat and scraps, or as I think of it- “what goes into hotdogs is similar to a nightmare on Fear Factor”. In fact I would like to see a segment on that show of people trying to eat hotdog ingredients before its ground to a paste and the nitrites are added. What is coming to light more now is the presence of the E-coli bacteria that is laced into hamburger meat. You need to eat less meat anyway so buy a better cut. Remember when chicken was considered eating healthy? Well that has changed thanks to factory farms. They now tell us of the dangers of salmonella germs in all poultry {according to a recent study by Consumers Union, all birds now have dangerous salmonella or campylobacter bacteria, even the expensive organically raised birds have it so extreme caution should be taken when preparing meals with poultry}. In the news is also how McDonald’s has genetically altered hens that have grotesque large breasts that have been referred to as “frankenbirds”. Then it was fish that came to be considered most healthy- so men seen the opportunity make an industry out of that by creating fish farms. Enter the same old problems of overcrowding, diseases, antibiotics, and so on. What may seem to be best is “farm raised” fish- but actually “wild caught” is far better even with the threat of pollution in the water. Wild fish of the “biblically clean” variety can deal with pollutants and not pass them off in their flesh whereas unclean creatures tend to get polluted themselves. We especially avoid prepackaged meats in colorful enticing packages. Those chicken nuggets are up to half tendons and skin that is loaded with fat and calories. Fish sticks are a ground up medley of all kinds of fish, bleached and formed then breaded. I like many of the great meat substitutes around today like Tempeh {a sprouted bean loaf}, shiitake mushrooms, and many soy products. It’s about getting used to a different taste and sometimes while eating them I can almost hear my arteries whispering, “thank you wayne”.

            Next, NO more bleached white flour or white bread comes into the house. When I go out I try to eat whole wheat bread when I can. Did you know that just by eating whole wheat bread you bring the chance of getting colon cancer down to nearly zero? Mostly just due to the fiber of which you need 35 grams a day and of which white bread has none. That’s another thing that’s easy to do. It’s also nice to get a bread-making machine and make your own- so simple even I can make a loaf of bread. Its amazing the few ingredients it really takes to make it compared to the all the strange sounding names on the side of the bread package in store bought bread. While mentioning “white” food- it’s all bad. We only buy brown rice and whole grain pasta as well. Of note: the white foods in question cause blood sugar to rise rapidly and should especially be avoided by diabetics. There is a good reason they bleach and refine the flour- to give it shelf life. When we buy whole wheat it must be in an airtight container and best put in the freezer or refrigerator or it will get rancid. Better yet, I am hoping to get a wheat mill and grind my own in the future. I am amazed at the amount of choices we now have in the bread isle at the grocery store. - Literally the whole isle is bread choices- some have so many ingredients in fine print you may want to take your lawyer with you to help decide. Basically we want multigrain with whole wheat, no bleach and no partially hydrogenated oils and low sodium and FRESH. There are some very good choices to be had now. The point is to be picky and spend a bit extra to get the good stuff- you are worth it. Oat bran is superior to others barns in that it adsorbs the bad fats and not the good fats- in fact we have a shaker and sprinkle raw oat bran on all our meals. I remember when I used to attend car races and when there is an oil spill on the track and you see the track crew rushing onto the track spreading some substance to soak up the oil- guess what- they are using the most effective substance they have found and that is OAT BRAN! Remember the “Lord’s prayer”, give us this day our daily BREAD…

How about fats and oils? We are getting a lot smarter about the oil we are using. When you hear of restaurants doing away with transfats and our Government requiring labeling when they are present in foods it is a big deal. Its worth a study in itself, but simply put when food makers mess with fats and alter it with hydrogen molecules shot thru whatever oils they can get after heating it up to 500 degrees, they become transfats or partially hydrogenated oil, the very molecules become like hooks and injure the arteries, then when the blood attempts to repair the damage it clogs fat on the injury then you are looking for blockage in your arteries. Get very picky in the oils you use as your life may depend on it. Butter used to be vilified but the most recent studies has revealed that fresh butter from certified cows is relatively GOOD for you in small amounts and it looks like all margarines are bad for you although a relatively new product, “Smart Balance” reads pretty good on their label and we do use that brand. Peanut butter was on our no-no list until Smart Balance came out with some containing all the good stuff. Basically we look for HDL, commonly called the good cholesterol and keep those numbers high, and the “bad” cholesterol LDL down. We want the monounsaturated fatty acids contained in olive oil, canola oil and avocados. Omega-3 fatty acid is really a buzzword we strive for. Anything high in that heart-healthy oil we want like salmon; soybean oil; flax seed and walnuts. We avoid all deep fried stuff. The high temperature damages the oil- so if you can smell the oil in a deep fryer, it looks black or even see it smoking don’t eat of it. As they discover the evils of manmade fats they are looking back and retesting the “tropical oils” that were vilified years ago and now see that maybe they are a decent choice for some things. Especially worthy are coconut and palm oils. Keep your ears open to this developing story on transfats. This may become the biggest story of the decade. With people trying to eat healthy for a generation now- the deaths and illness from heart related problems have continued to climb and the rate of obesity is at an all time high- now it becoming evident that these trans fats may be a major contributor! Fully 40% of the products on the shelves in stores and in your home contain these transfats so this is an huge issue we better deal with. Check out the book: The Trans Fat Solution by Kim Severson {2003} it’s a relatively small book at 130 pages but most are recipes without using hydrogenated oil. It’s the first 27 pages that are a must read to understand fats, why we need them, the good the bad and the ugly. This is a confusing subject and this book is written to make it understandable. Please get this book at your local library for this vital information! I don’t recommend reading nutrition books older than a few years old as we are getting smarter about foods by better technology in study, but I am skimming a book, “Jane Brody’s Nutrition Book” penned in 1981. Ms Brody is a columnist in the NY times and a leading voice in the field of nutrition. Although outdated, it is still ahead of its time and some of what she wrote about cholesterol and transfats in particular was quite interesting as they were worried about them back then. Some very damning studies were about national studies of people that lived in places like Japan that had very little circulatory disease developed it rather quickly when exposed to a western, high saturated fat diet. So even back then there were arguments saying that it didn’t matter what you ate as your body will regulate itself- the evidence on national levels were impossible to refute.  I want to increase the amount of olive oil I eat so I got a container of Alexander’s Bread Dip Seasoning (I found it at Meijer’s grocery in the oil section}. It has 4 different Italian seasonings you mix with olive oil then just dip a piece of bread in it- yum! From the time I first tried that in an Italian restaurant it was a very favorite of mine. The seasoning bottle is less than 5 bucks and will last a long time.

            Ok, I have read enough books now to say I am not eating at McDonald’s anymore. Literally everything on their menu is unfit to eat {except maybe the coffee}. If you read some of the books I have suggested you will find out why I feel as I do. Actually, I want to eliminate all fast food restaurants but I have others living here in the home that still want to go to those places {need I say more?}. The sheer volume of animals eaten at fast food restaurants is amazing; we are talking in the multiple millions per day! And to satisfy those quantities, animal factories are sped up to a pace that has little regard for health concerns let alone the humane treatment of God’s created beings. You need to read it all for yourself and make a wise choice to drive past that fast food joint. Concerning eating out in general, I had worked in restaurant maintenance many years and can tell you that some are so dirty and serve spoiled food you are at great risk eating there. What’s more I have been on site when health inspectors have been in there. Even when there is a list of serious violations, I have never seen a store shut down- but given some time to fix the problems. Also very few of the inspectors take their job seriously plus they are very understaffed. When you see a crew and manager of just teens and not using healthy habits, like wearing gloves and the kitchen is in disarray you better leave. Another problem in fast food establishments is the huge turnover as there are literally new people working there every week. If the food is not up to your standards send it back or get a refund. You are at their mercy on how food was handled and preserved before they prepared it- but if you receive it and its COLD- definitely send it back, unless food borne illnesses don’t concern you. Do not go to smorgasbords because you WILL overeat. There is never a good excuse to eat too much! Did you catch that last sentence? NEVER. This is not Bangladesh- you will be able to get more food in a couple hours so there is no need to stuff yourself. Also be aware on those salad bars that not just the kitchen workers are touching your food- all the customers handle those tongs and get their fingers in the food. Next time you go to one- get a table close to the salad bar and watch what goes on. Resisting eating out is HARD. There is a reason we are deluged by commercials for restaurants- we are being brainwashed into thinking it’s a fun thing to do. From my days working at them, it is amazing but people are in there eating all the time! No mater how long we extend our hours- people will come in to eat. We would lure people in with colorful signs, flags snapping in the breeze, and lots of lighting. Some poor lonely soul driving by never had a chance to pass us up- it’s a feel good thing to do when you are emotionally down. We have indeed developed a culture of gluttony in the United States. Growing up in the 50s there just wasn’t places to “eat out” except for a few truck stops and diners. In the early to mid 60s there were more places like Friches but that more of a hangout rather than a place to have a meal- we may order a side order or dessert. Maybe one of the worst places for sanitary eating is church potlucks- even assuming the dishes were made under great care before being brought in- they will sit for quite a while at room temperature till eaten, often uncovered to allow flies to eat on it first and deposit their calling card. I’m getting in tune to notice people licking their fingers then touching food; everyone’s hands in the big bowl of chips and nuts; and of course youngsters with colds and runny noses and little concern about infecting others. I know it looks bad but I try to be among the first in line to eat for all the reasons I just named- I try not to knock down any little old ladies to be first. Eventually you will eat out- just try to avoid fast food- go to better place with a good reputation and eat a bit before you go so you are not famished and you can be more selective and order smaller portions- plus you save some money in the process! Look for dirty practices and REPORT them to the manager, as they want to be informed too. I will save my receipt and if I noticed any problems OR if I feel sick the next day I will either call the restaurant or send an email to the website most of them have now. Report those things- owners want the feedback as the future of their business depends on customers and a bad eating experience is death to a restaurant. Customers are money and they don’t want to lose either.

            Got a milk mustache? Well my wife won’t have one, as she is allergic to milk and milk products. She used to really fret about that until recently as more voices are being heard of the artery clogging fats from milk. Until I decided to eat right and care for my arteries I felt sorry for her. But now I have learned to avoid milk products. The “milk Mustache” campaign has had a bit of success in selling more milk and their advertising campaign has what advertisers call the “halo-effect” by picturing themselves as the good guys and to a large degree they are as they measure their product with soda pop. A more honest campaign would be to compete with just water- but that won’t happen. I have been using her soy and rice milk in place of cow’s milk, which I have learned to like better. Just this week I tried soy yogurt- it took a couple spoonfuls to get accustomed to the different taste but as we near the end of the container, I can say I like it better than milk yogurt. Also to my amazement, Pizza without cheese tastes good! We just order them with extra sauce and all the veggies and no meat. Even from the first time she coaxed me to try a piece I liked it. At home we will use soy cheese on some dishes, which is just as good. She cannot tolerate any milk products at all but I will eat the cheese pizzas if that’s all there is- but I will not eat it if there is meat on it. But what is milk but baby food anyway? And cow’s milk is calf food- right? Having said that I would have no problem with milk IF it was low fat; from certified cows; not pasteurized or homogenized; with no antibiotics. That sounds impossible to find but people are waking up and that specialized milk is being produced and offered at more grocery outlets. Remember if there is money in it- someone will produce it and smart shoppers are voting with their dollars- so support the producers by buying their products even if it’s a bit more expensive. The rule is: pay the farmer more now or the doctor a lot more later. While on the topic of milk, yogurt is a good choice. It contains the necessary “good bacteria”. I have found it is very easy and cheap to make. I just buy a small container of plain, lowfat, with active cultures in it. Then buy a half gallon of low fat milk, or soy milk. Just boil the milk for a minute, let cool to 108 degrees, then add the store bought yogurt and let incumbent for a few hours under a heating pad or in the over with just the light on to keep it about 108 degrees- then chill. Later you can sweeten with fruit or honey or flavor with vanilla or similar flavors.

            How about fresh eggs? Up until recently eggs were said to be bad for you and best be eliminated from your meals. Well that has all been changed, and up to one egg a day is fine for you to eat. Those you see in the supermarket for 50 cents a dozen aren’t a good choice as they are raised in factory farms under horrible conditions and extreme cruelty to the hens and make them live their short, stressed lives confined to a cage no bigger than a piece of copy paper. Organic eggs can be bought for $1- $4 per dozen, but even then there are several definitions of what “organic” means. One producer in California sells for $4-$5 per HALF dozen. He says he is doing everything the way it should be done for a very healthy egg. He reasons that one healthy egg for 70 cents is a better buy that a $4.50 latte’ that isn’t even food. He may have a valid point. I have decided that it is worthwhile to raise my own eggs. I built a small house and a fully encaged run for my hens. I have chicken wire over the top of the run not only to keep my hens from flying out but keep wild birds out that may carry the “bird flu” virus. I have just 6 hens and they provide enough eggs for us, my sisters and dad and neighbors. I decided not to use the “super laying mash” due to possible antibiotics and unknown fillers. Instead I give them cracked corn and scratch feed- which is also cheaper than the laying mash- but also produces a few less eggs, but I get more than enough and I don’t sell them so there is no need to force the issue. One word of caution: we had a bag of bleached white buns, which we don’t eat and decided to give to the chickens rather than throw them away- bad mistake. Even though they scarfed them down like crazy- they also quit laying eggs altogether for over a week so I would advise you to give them only the feed mentioned. Even if you are in the city that allows cats and dogs you can check to see if you can have a couple chickens. I wouldn’t get roosters and they do make noise and will bother the neighbors. They are fun to raise and give you nutritious eggs back. And as a bonus, their manure is one of the best fertilizers you can get to put on your garden and I get a little exercise taking care of them. Finally, I can have a delicious pot of soup from my hen that kept on giving to her very end.

            Eliminate stress in your life. Since I retired I can look back at the amount of stress I have been living with. As I sit and read a book maybe every 5 minutes a haunting thought will enter my mind that I am wasting time and must do something productive. And speaking of reading, it seems to be a lost art. Did you notice that since libraries started having videos and DVDs that the book isles are hardly used? Libraries used to promote reading and getting people to stop watching TV. Reading is a great way to stimulate your brain, in fact recent studies show that we can actually grow connections in our brain. Even if you just do crossword puzzles it is good for your mental health. Anyway, I will pick a subject and study it for weeks finding material on that alone. If you must get DVDs from the library, PBS has many interesting subjects. I try to avoid any fiction, as it is mostly the dream of the author so why waste the time. Another thing is the news. Do I need to know all the bad things that are going on around me? It’s the same with the newspaper- I PAY 50 cents a day for negative news- so I stopped the newspaper. I am on several internet forums and get e-mails from all over. Of course many people feel it’s their obligation to send news of all the horrible things happening over the world and give updates on the latest scandals or let everyone in on what Brad and Jennifer are up to.. I have developed a standard for news like this: If the only thing I can DO about it is worry- I don’t want to hear about it. Even in Christian circles there is so much talk about 666, the illuminati, and the beast of revelation. When that talk starts- I always ask: what can we do about it? Which is followed by a puzzled look. Then I say, let’s talk about things we can do something about like being better Christians. How about driving stress and road rage? Allow enough time for the trip you are taking. I go the speed limit so I don’t worry about a cop pulling me over and I time my drives away from traffic and rush hour. Associate with POSITIVE people. The bible says, “Iron sharpens iron so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend” {Proverbs 27:17}. That’s works in reverse as well so surround yourself with excellent people. Experts show that watching football games cause considerable stress. I myself used to get very stressed watching my favorite team. Every play is either an up or a down and if they lose I am down the rest of the day or maybe even the day after. I have since decided to watch just the last quarter or less, and if they are losing not even that. Maybe some will call me a fair-weather fan, but for my hearts’ sake this is the way it’s going to be. I am quite content to watch other games that I don’t care who wins so I do enjoy football. If you are one that has to have music going all the time- have a CD of praise music going. It is so uplifting and keeps your mind on the important thing in life. I used to listen to “talk radio” all the time and never realized how edgy and opinionated I had become- once again everything to get fired up about and can’t do a darn thing about it. And something I have done for years is MEDITATE. Find a peaceful quiet place and start by praying to God and ask that He direct your thoughts in the things you must address in your life. This is a lost key of successful living as we are so in tuned to having music, TV or any of the other things to spend our time on vying for our attention. Nearly all the books I have read mention “emotional eating”. When we feel down its all too common to eat to try to feel better. As a golden rule: do not eat unless you are hungry- even if it is near your normal mealtime. If it’s an emotional lift you need try drinking a nice hot cup if herbal tea to soothe your nerves or call a friend. Another “feel good” mistake made by many is when they get down they go- SHOPPING! Guess what, that usually compounds the problem. One lady I talked to was extremely depressed because she was broke and they were threatening to shut off her utilities. The more we talked she mentioned other bills she had like dog grooming fees and tattoo parlor and manicurist bills. She didn’t have a money problem- she had a spending problem! Do you see her problems clearly? We do, but she was clueless. That’s another key to successful living: don’t make problems for yourself- enough will come your way naturally. A Bible principle is, “a merry heart does good like medicine”- focus on the big thing in life and that is assuring your salvation in the Kingdom of God- after that there really is nothing worth worrying about.

            “Love you enemies and be nice to those that spitefully use you”. OK, those are not my words and I fall drastically short of meeting that goal. Jesus’ first coming was as a “suffering Servant” not the conquering King we will see at the end time. He epitomizes authentic love by actually forgiving those who were tearing Him to pieces. If you are a Christian that is the challenge given to you from the God you profess to serve. Those are also just some words that fly straight over our heads from a pulpit as we sit there half asleep daydreaming about the big game that will be played that afternoon. I have been toying with the idea for a long time now to start a “Be Nice” club. Maybe even print up bumper stickers with just the words BE NICE on them. Years ago I came to the conclusion that we are all related to one another by blood with common ancestors and we are also trapped on this planet together so we better learn to get along. To make a difference in that respect you don’t have to save a drowning person or pull someone out of a burning car- it’s the little things in life that matter. In my “Be Nice Club” every member must put a smile on at least one person per day; they must do one nice thing for someone else {picking up you kids socks don’t count} per day. You must ALWAYS smile and nod to every person that makes eye contact with you {not turn your head like most of us do}. Why do all this, you ask. Try a test: do a small nice deed like just holding a door for someone {not just a pretty girl, everyone expects that} then assess your feelings- it’s ever so slight but there is a warm and fuzzy feeling attached to every good action. Then notice the person you helped and you may see them do an equally nice deed to another. It works! And who knows, someday we may actually get close to the “love your enemies” goal. They say mothers love is the purest form of love on earth- but it is also the most selfish love- a new mom doesn’t love other babies as much as hers. Love may be the most important key to life, unlocking ALL the doors we need to pass through. It is good for everything from your heart to your emotional health and ultimately the Kingdom of God.

            You deserve a break today. Whoops, there’s another redeeming thing from McDonalds- a catchy phrase. You not only deserve a break- it’s in God’s law to take a mandatory day off each week. “Six days you shall do all your labor- but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord- in it you shall do no work”, Exodus 20. Quoting another commercial: it’s not just a good idea- it’s the LAW! Even science has determined that man must take a day off each week for his health and well-being. To me the Sabbath is Friday sunset to Saturday sunset and within that period I will keep a Biblical rest. I don’t get funny with a lot of traditions made by some church authorities- I just enjoy a nice day off and reflect on what a wonderful creation God made and give Him an “atta Boy” for it. Others interpret that as one day in seven, which is fine for them and they will get benefit from it. Remember we are not machines that can run constantly; we need body-rebuilding rest as prescribed by our Maker. {Additional material is available upon request about the Sabbath rest}. Another important law in the bible is concerning “land Sabbaths”. According to God- you should plant six years then let the land rest for a year. Now days you will hear about crop rotation which is a similar principle. On a much smaller scale we try to move where our garden is or let it rest at least every six years- and God does promise to bless you in that- as a side note: we have never had a bad year of gardening or went hungry. I should not forget to add that professionals agree that taking a vacation is valuable to your mental health and family cohesiveness. Well guess what? God even provided a vacation for men in the law. Better known as the Feast of Tabernacles is an eight day celebration every year in the fall. Our family has enjoyed nearly 25 of them thus far and is the highlight of our year.

            Being overweight has never been a problem for me throughout my life, as I usually stay pretty active and apparently made some decent food choices plus have a fast metabolism. But it is becoming a big enough problem in the USA that slimming down should be discussed. I watched a PBS show on Frontline called “Diet Wars” (2004) hosted by Steven Talbot {played on Leave It To Beaver as his neighbor}, which I highly recommend to everyone. It is at most libraries, in fact it is so important that I am considering purchasing one to loan out to people. In the show they discuss the various “fad” diets and cover the new findings on proper nutrition. What impressed me was how fad diets all go against common sense. For instance the Atkins Diet says you can eat all types of saturated fats like meat and butter yet strictly avoid all carbohydrates like whole grain breads. Not surprisingly when doctor Atkins died he had serious coronary problems. The reason that his high fat diet somewhat works is that those on the diet inadvertently consumed fats that were the good monounsaturated variety, which protected them a bit from the saturated fat. But all the fad diets covered in the show had one thing in common- they stressed eating in moderation and exercise. On the strength of those two things you will have some success in any diet. Most nutritionists agree that fat people making poor food choices are actually eating processed foods that contain little nutrition that their bodies need so even though they may be grossly overweight they may in fact be starving to death! What our ancestors strived for was providing abundant, cheap food and an easier lifestyle- and that’s just what we have now! It is as much a curse as a blessing with America rampant in obesity, heart disease and diabetes, not only in epidemic numbers but also at younger and younger ages. In January of this year the FDA has approved a Fizer drug, Slentrol, which is a diet drug for DOGS! Is the problem out of control when even the pets in the USA are obese? As I said, I never did worry about weight gain but I have seen normal weight people have coronary difficulties as well. I believe that using what the bible reveals about diet, using the knowledge we have, exercising faithfully, and avoiding fad diets and expensive supplements {even nutritious ones}, we can be trim and healthy. Another key to lasting weight loss is having a vision on extended results, to slowly lose the weight over time and stay on sensible eating habits for life and having the strength to ignore all the advertising to eat junk and above all use common sense. Remember to eat to live- not live to eat {just can’t say that enough!}.

            Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Numerous places in the Law God commands us to be clean people and avoid bodily fluids and waste.  We need to train ourselves to recognize where germs lurk. Already covered in this article are restaurants. Other places are things like shopping basket handles; doorknobs; anything in public restrooms; elevator buttons; and similar places. Wholesome sexual practices are a must to avoid some pretty nasty diseases. Also it is good to shower everyday using mild soap. And brush, floss, and gargle at least every evening. Wash your hands often and keep them out of your mouth, eyes and nose. Be smart about the various chemicals you use in direct contact with your body. As a rule don’t rub anything on you skin that you can’t eat. Your skin will absorb it into your system. Don’t use anti-perspirants as your body is made to sweat for your well-being and there are many warnings out about the ingredients in personal products. I purchased a bottle of Steramine {www.sanitize.com} sanitizer tablets {$5.00} at a restaurant supply store. We keep our dishcloth in a solution of it between washes and also wipe the counters off with it. Most people don’t have water hot enough to kill any bacteria so this is an important thing to do- its cheap and easy to do. It is an invaluable tool for restaurants to control the spread of food borne illnesses. Of course that is another thing to look for in restaurants: if they wipe the tables off with sanitizer which should be marked on the container they keep  the washcloth in. With the recent news of E-coli on vegetables they now have food washes on the market. A cheaper way is to use a diluted wash of hydrogen peroxide or Clorox {brand, not a generic brand}. Lest you think I’m being fussy about germs: the latest AARP Bulletin {Jan 07} has a shocker of a story about “dirty hospitals” revealing that 1 in 20 hospital patients pick up an infection while there. That translates to 2 million infections each year of which 90,000 DIE from it. Think on that number. To get a perspective on those deaths, it is equal to 30 times all the GI deaths in Iraq since it began… in hospitals… in just one year! Some of those infections are from superbugs that are antibiotic resistant. Even the doctors suit TIES contain bacteria and are potential carriers. Things like blood pressure cuffs are another thing that go overlooked when sterilizing. You better do what you can to stay OUT of a hospital setting.

            Not too many years ago I sold Parasite cleanse herbal capsules. It was hard to sell them because it was an embarrassing subject and people did not want to admit they had worms. I am here to tell you it is more common that you think. I highly recommend at least once a year do a parasite cleanse. You should be able to get the caps at any health food store or through Puritan’s Pride. I have had people tell me horrendous stories about passing dead worms after using the products I sold. If you have pets in the home, make sure you worm them and yourself as needed. Another vital thing to do is a Colon Cleanse at the very least once a month. You don’t realize it but you have impacted fecal matter in your colon. It’s said that John Wayne had 45 pounds of crap in him when he died {literally full of it}, people in the know say 30 pounds is an average amount. The problem is it lines our colon and interferes with the absorption of nutrients when we eat. Once again, Puritan Pride has the capsules and it is easily done. Speaking of ailments: a good investment is quality books on natural healing as opposed to using over the counter and prescription medicines. These days there is a glut of expensive and harmful medicines being advertised on television. Sometimes you can’t even tell what they are for – they just want to buy them or tell your doctor you want those drugs and believe it or not that is a main complaint of doctors that people what them to proscribe un-necessary drugs. All those drugs have side effects- in fact many of them are just to alleviate the side effects of some other drug. Once you start down that road it is hard to get off of it. If you have ever taken antibiotics you probably need to detoxify yourself and take some acidophilus capsules to build up the friendly bacteria in your intestinal tract. You can also get organic yogurt {either milk or soy} with active cultures in it.

I want to have a nice garden to grow fresh veggies to eat. I have seen many people tend a big flower garden then go to the store and buy the substandard foods they sell. The flowers are really nice but it would make way better sense to plant the nice things to eat and buy the flowers, if it’s one or the other. Actually flowers are good in a vegetable garden, as some will actually keep bugs away. Sometimes even planting different vegetables next to one another will control insects {check out the book: “Carrots Love Tomatoes” by Louise Riotte} also sprinkling wood ash and other natural methods will keep unwanted bugs out. If you have corn, you must watch for raccoons or they will take your corn. We wound up putting a electric line around the garden to keep them out. Also a radio left on all night will stop them. Laying short lengths of hoses {think snakes} will keep a lot of birds out. In my garden I am going to try to plant organic Heirloom/ Heritage seeds. These are not hybrid plants but apparently original vegetables that were here from then beginning. It’s a pretty interesting read if you want to check up on it. Plus you keep some seeds from the crop and use them next year. Check out www.RareSeeds.com to see what’s available for your garden. We have many black walnut trees on our property. They used to be looked upon as a nuisance when we are mowing but we are finding now they have great health benefits. Usually if you see someone with walnut trees you can stop and ask for some and the people are GLAD to get rid of them. But they are good for you and fun to husk/ dry and crack. Tomatoes are almost a miracle food. Try to incorporate them into every meal. We decided that salsa and white unsalted corn chips are a good side entrée’ or snack. As most canned foods are loaded with salt including salsa we decided to make our own from the fresh homegrown tomatoes from our garden, mix with spices {leave out the salt} and can. We also made spaghetti sauce the same way with Italian type seasoning and we have a wild variety of garlic that we grow here, they are smaller than the store variety but taste the same and grow like weeds. I try not to use any insecticide and herbicides as well. We only have two acres but I am confident we could raise most everything we need in a year if we had to. If you have a very small place for a garden, you can get some good tips by reading the book: “Square Foot Garden” by Mel Bartholomew.

I do have supplements I take, but if I feel I am getting a certain thing in my food that day I will hold off on the supplement. Most vitamins are not harmful in large doses but I still do not need a thousand time my RDA of them. For my age they say we need things in a quantity we do not get in food. I have found the best supplements at the lowest price from Puritan’s Pride. After a web search I have found that there is no litigation against them and I have contacted them for literature on their quality assurance. I order online {www.puritan.com} and usually have them here in two days. I take: Green source {as a multivitamin}; vitamin E; cod liver oil caps; soy lecithin for the heart; Barley grass tabs; and if my joints get sore Alfalfa caps. I have studied into taking niacin {B-3} tabs in case what I am doing don’t bring my cholesterol numbers down. The niacin does have some side effects in larger doses so a better choice may be a product called Endur-acin, which has a slow release niacin tablet. Just a warning: many of the books I recommend, the author also sells expensive supplements. Shop around. You will always find cheaper tablets. Also we have a shaker of oat bran and one for flax seeds we top our meals with. And I should mention to take all your salt shakers and put them in the garbage can. Americans get WAY more sodium that they should- you will get more than enough by accident. I know people that have high blood pressure because they use too much salt but choose to take dangerous drugs with side effects so they can still load their food with salt- go figure. You will notice some people just automatically salt their food before they even taste it. That tells me they actually want the salt taste instead of the food itself! You should realize that eating good fresh food may have 200 compounds in it and we only know what a few of those ingredients do. It’s tempting to think if I just take the vitamin a particular food is known for I need not consume the food itself but we are missing out on a lot that the Creator has included in the package. Another popular supplement is “taking a baby aspirin per day”. Better rethink that. Although the aspirin does have good uses- it is not without side effects. Originally I had it on my “do” list until I found out a way to get the benefits naturally is to eat foods with natural aspirin such as flax seed, omega 3 foods, and raw garlic and onions.

You have to exercise. There I said it. But from the reading I am doing you don’t have to kill yourself to do enough to get benefit. Since I retired I am really feeling being out of shape and it takes extra effort to do it. My last checkup and blood work turned out perfect except for the cholesterol levels were still a bit high due to the fact I am not exercising enough so regardless of your good diet we can’t get away from exercising. My knees are not in the best shape so I don’t do anything demanding. For instance I bought a Tony Little Gazelle “walker” {$99). It has no impact on your joints and it’s pretty easy to use and has digital readouts. I try to use it each time I pass it in the house. Walking is still the best thing you can do for yourself. When you shop, park as far away as you can to make yourself walk. Rather than taking an elevator, if it’s only a couple flights of steps- use them! Try to do some exercise for 30 minutes a day total. That can be broken up into 3, ten-minute segments. Actually on my Gazelle walker, according to the digital readout on it, I can do about 3/4 mile of walking motion in 10 minutes. Even that short ten minutes can be a bore if I just watch the little readout on the machine so I have set up a small TV with a VCR tape player in it and keep an educational or travelogue tape {not a movie} in it to watch while on the walker. My rule is to not watch the tape unless I am exercising so many times I am at a good part and keep exercising to watch the show.  I had several exercise machines in the past like a stationary bike, some type of stretch machine you row with, an “ab” table that turns you upside-down, and a mini-trampoline all of which I have given away. In addition to the Gazelle I have a treadmill I seldom use- there is something about a “motorized” workout machine that just doesn’t seem right. Once again I should mention to drink water as you exercise. Just pure water is fine. Sport drinks are a waste of money unless you are a tri-athlete or do a very heavy workout for 90 minutes or more. At some point we are all going to die in this physical body. Moses is a good example, having wandered in the desert for most of his life and eating biblical foods and obeying the cleanliness laws he died at 120 years, YET his eye was not dimmed and still as vigorous as a young man- not sickly for decades like modern man.

Better living through chemistry used to be the slogan when I was growing up. The “better living” we got now is cancer, heart disease, diabetes, tooth decay and a host of other ailments too numerous to mention. Thanks to abuse of antibiotics we now have strains we are unable to control. The chemicals that farmers use on everything has not only caused them to be among the highest group to come down with catastrophic diseases, but has caused numerous illnesses among people that consume their products. The added dangers to using chemicals is their long life and destruction they cause. Even the defoliate Agent Orange used in Vietnam is still wreaking havoc on those who came in contact with it 40 years ago. Look for organic labels and try to eliminate unnecessary chemicals from your life. Read the labels and when the ingredients list is long and has names you can’t pronounce buy another brand. One argument for living with all these chemicals is that the life expectancy is at an all time high- but sickness is as well. So it’s a quantity verses quality choice for modern man. 

Heating your house with any fossil fuel is a risk. If I were still using oil, gas, or propane I would get a carbon monoxide detector. Years ago we had an oil space heater and a LP gas water heater. The wife could never get house plants to grow- anyway when the water heater quit we got an electric one and from that point on we never had any trouble growing any plants inside. I did find that the old water heater was not vented to the outside properly and was probably slowly poisoning us! Eventually we replaced the space heater as well with a wood burner and electric baseboard heaters. We do have CO detectors as well for the wood burners. They can give off some carbon monoxide but not like fossil fuels. Incidentally, according to a government booklet, wood burning is a good way to heat your home. Even though you will see smoke, it is mostly particulate and will fall to the ground and burning wood is the same process as natural decomposing only at a much faster rate.

I have settled into an eating plan that works well for me. They say 5 small meals per day are ideal. If you are overweight you will tend to overeat- but just having the knowledge that you will get 5 meals you will be satisfied with smaller portions. Usually when I get up I will drink two cups of black coffee. If I do a colon or parasite cleanse I will do it then and skip the lunch meal otherwise have a bowl of cereal with fruit and a bit of honey; around 11/11:30 I will have a brunch; maybe a very small snack about 2 pm which is a handful of snacks and a beer or ice tea; supper is around 5 depending on everyone’s schedule. That will be our biggest meal; then sometime before 9pm {no eating after that hour!} I will enjoy a good handful of trail mix {Sam’s Choice, “Nature” in purple bag or “Indulgent”, in orange bag} I get from Wal-mart. It’s seems to be the best value and quality and I like the contents over other brands I have tried. Although I discovered pretty good mixes at Wild Oats {an organic store in Mason} it’s a bit pricey but I do not want to cheat myself on nutrition. Also for a snack I keep unsalted peanuts in the shell to eat them slower. The absolute best I have ever found is Hampton Farms brand sold at Meijer’s grocery in the produce section get the 20 oz bag jumbo unsalted in shell for only about $1.50 {on sale}. And remember- drink all the water you want {if only tap water is available I will do without}. This may be a good place to say- eat slower and chew your food thoroughly. Food should be swallowed in a near liquid state so your digestion system doesn’t have to do so much work. If we were crocodiles we could swallow huge chunks of meat and our powerful stomach acids would digest it. Our stomach acids are not that strong so we must do something the croc cannot do, chew. I found to slow myself down from eating too fast I will put my fork down between each bite as a reminder or if I have a sandwich, put it down on the plate after each bite. Once again- make it an important rule never to eat within 2 hours of bedtime as you metabolism really slows down as you sleep and undigested food will just lay in your stomach and cause you problems. In fact it’s better to go to bad slightly hungry.

It’s easy to read right over in the bible but Christians are instructed to FAST. One church used to teach a fast of not eating meat one day a week- even that small step must have been a huge burden because that has been repealed now- but a Biblical fast is no food nor water for a specific time period. At least once a year I will do a complete fast as it is commanded on the Day of Atonement in the Bible {Leviticus 23:26}. A complete fast is no food or water for 24 hours from sundown to sundown. I have done that for decades but am just now finding the physical benefits for doing that. It is a bit hard so that is the only complete fast I do per year but I try to do many mini-fasts, actually one per week is great. When I do the min-fast I will not eat after supper till the next morning then maybe just a cup of coffee then break the fast during a later lunch or if I feel up to it I will wait until the next supper meal. The benefits are too numerous to mention here, but I recommend reading, “What the Bible Says about Healthy Living” {chapter five} by Dr Rex Russell and “Toxic Relief” by Dr Don Colbert. To the average American even missing one meal is “cruel and unusual” but it is vital for the health of your internal organs and helps to detoxify your body.

What’s a real Christian anyway? Is it just someone that believes in Jesus and occasionally attends one of the many churches when it doesn’t interfere with something more important? Or maybe it goes a bit deeper than that. Maybe it’s someone that is eager to share the faith they have with others and have deep concerns on living right and bringing up their children in the Lord. Maybe a true follower of Christ has convictions about the social ills of society, how men have raped the earth and polluted the waters, and as I have come to see in my studies, sees a horrible sin happening by abusing the animals we eat. How often in the news do we see someone in front of a judge for abusing a pet and people become outraged, yet there is little concern for the treatment of the animals we use for food? Factory farms and slaughterhouses should be of great concern for Christians. Eating veal should be off your list for certain as it is well documented the torture calves endure for our dinner plate. Concerned people should look for labels like: locally grown; Heirloom; organic; fair trade; environmentally friendly; certified humane; free range; wild caught; humanely raised; and kosher. Try to remember those labels and look for their seal on the foods you purchase. People are becoming more aware of the unethical practices used in the manufacturing of our food and various concerned groups are coming up with new seals all the time. Its not a perfect system but is just another small thing Christians should do for God’s wonderful creation.

Is it really a war going on between food and consumers? Many of the books I have read describe the “food wars” going on at all levels. There is deceptive advertising; government lobbyists; secret flavorings; bribes; and fake “councils” set up by food makers to give their products an unearned blessing. Food manufacturers have even lobbied to get “shield laws” prohibiting lawsuits against their products. Like most people I laughed at the lawsuits leveled at fast food corporations by overweight and sick people until I read into what is really going on. The irony is that 99% of Americans are hooked on the great tasting junk foods so unless judges and lawmakers are into healthier eating it will be hard for them render right decisions. It seems as though everyone is in bed together and anyone not in with them is viewed as an extremist. There can be a few heroes in this war we are in. Against all the might and power of the food industry stands the little concerned mother that wants what’s best for her family. She has the power to turn things around by what she places into the grocery cart. One author says it’s usually the mom that will exercise the “veto vote” when the family votes where to eat out. More often than not if anyone will choose eating healthier it will be the mom. Times are tough on moms, years ago as young parents we learned the “choose your battles” strategy but in this age seemingly EVERYTHING is bad and saying no to Burger King is one battle that is left unfought. When between 60 and 85% of deaths today are diet related and when it is proven that wherever the “western” foods travel in this world so do our sicknesses so maybe the “food fight” is a very important battle to take on. As I grocery shop I have not only become a “smart shopper”, but am getting good at watching others shop and judge the choices they make. It is sad to report that few moms are getting the message and putting things in the grocery basket that are unfit even for their dog to eat- much less their precious children.

I’m in this study for life and my goals for the next decade are to eat only organic whether if I buy food or grow my own; eat very little meat if any at all; and get in the habit of exercising. For those with children it is an extremely important responsibility to teach your kids the importance of eating well as they will probably carry that knowledge all their lives and in turn teach it to their kids. I have seen parents feed their kids candy all through a church service and fight with them because they were so hyper, then during the potluck meal fight with them to eat their meal- then usually waste the meal and give them the dessert. I am not so self-deceived to think I will not cheat on eating right. But when I cheat it will be sometime I really, really like. In the past it was a reflex action to “see food-eat food” and when I did devour a Krispy Creame donut I would always think- that wasn’t that good and I was sorry I didn’t use a bit of will-power to resist that. Dunkin’ Donuts has come out with a new cookie to add to their arsenal of donuts. This cookie, depending on variety, packs a wallop of 480-590 calories; 14 to 29 grams of fat and ¼ cup of sugar {Consumer Reports Feb 2007}! It takes just a few seconds to woof down a little cookie and wreck a week of sensible eating. Try to think first and weigh if it will be as good eating an item, as it will be feeling good by not eating it. It is important to remember that you are in a LIFE-CHANGING diet. That means also changing what tastes good to you so by “cheating” we just string out the temptation. I have noticed that it takes a bit of time to reprogram your mind what “good” tastes like. The things I didn’t like at the beginning of this diet now taste good to me {like soy products}. We have found it best to take extra time when grocery shopping. Read labels. Shop smart and eat before you go to the grocery so you can be more selective. If you don’t put trash in your basket at the store you won’t be tempted to consume it later. To put junk food in your basket is PLANNING to cheat later on. One doctor said to care for the arteries and everything else will take care of itself. So think of your arteries when you make food choices. I can’t stress enough to study into nutrition and how it relates to living as a complete Christian. Again, get the book by Jordan Rubin, “the Makers Diet”. And with that book, study your bible and look up the scriptures he refers to. I have found in life that when you just believe something because some other person told you, that belief will not last long. But when you prove something to yourself and do the research you have a belief that will last you a lifetime. As always it is my prayer for you to our Great God and Healer that He will guide you on the narrow path that leads to Life and that He will show you the good choices in life for your good health and that you may become a light to others and reflect the glory of our wonderful Savior.                                                                           

In Jesus’ Name, amen.  Wayne

PS. If you read this far you are probably serious about changing your life around. If so I am interested in how you are doing. Has anything been of help to you? Can you add anything to the list or have additional questions? Even if you think it’s a worthless venture and a waste of time- please write back and let me know! 

Addendum. It seems as an insurmountable task to resist the pulls of eating poorly and even greater challenge to bring our children up with a fighting chance to live a healthy life. As I conclude this paper I am reading a new release, “Appetite For Profit” by Michele Simon. In the book she documents the horrible numbers of the sick and dying from food related afflictions {900,000 deaths due to coronary disease in 2002 alone! And two thirds of cancer is diet related} and the war going on between food manufacturers and many groups trying to bring reforms. Even as I write, on the news I am hearing that New York is OUTLAWING transfat oils from restaurants, Kroger is eliminating it from their fried chicken and in Europe they are putting limits on it’s usage. I called Frito-lay this week and found out they are no longer using transfats in their products. Fast food places are getting the message as well with Wendy’s getting rid of the trans fats last year and Taco Bell should be changed by the spring of 2007. Also new legislation is making food producers provide more information on their packaging and by the vote of the people, smoking is being banned in public places. It is encouraging to see some results in the battle for health. Maybe calling it a war is pretty accurate when we consider that food caused deaths in one year outnumber the total of all wars in our 230 year history! Do your part to keep the ball rolling and support healthier choices and above all- if you have children, please make it a priority to teach them good nutrition. To see how advertisers are going after your kids, read the book, “Consuming Kids” by Susan Linn. There is a reason these “junk food giants” are spending in the hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising- they want your kids. That is their future. In 2005 alone, PepsiCo made 32 billion dollars! There is a lot at stake for everyone. I encourage you to “train your child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it” as the bible commands us. If you can just save that little one you tuck in tonight- you are a winner…

“Man is a wonderful, inconceivably complex being. Consider the facts: A chemical factory, an electrical network, climate control, filtration plant- all these controlled centrally by the brain, a thinking computer with the additional ability of loving and hating. Our organism keeps itself alive for several decades, and through various control mechanisms, operates almost without friction. We consist of a hundred million million microscopic parts, all of which are fantastically fine tuned to, and co-operatively integrated with, each other. When healthy, these parts are continuously rejuvenated and can even repair themselves.

Werner Gitt “The Wonder Of Man”

Authors to look for: Kevin Trudeau; Robert Kowalski; Elmer Josephson; Jordan Rubin; Morgan Spurlock; Jane Brody; Kim Severson; Michele Simon; George Malkmus; Dr Michael Roizen; Eric Schlosser; Peter Singer & Jim Mason; Andrew Weil MD; Dr Rex Russell; Bob Green; Brenda Watson; Marion Nestle; Lorna Sass; Dr Don Colbert.

                      Quick tips:

Never do:: Eat pork products, shellfish, shrimp, hamburger, hot dogs, white bread, table salt, soda pop, fake sugars, sweetened cereal, smorgasbords, anything with trans fats, use anti-perspirants, perfume/ cologne or tobacco  

Rarely do: Use white sugar and white rice, eat fried foods, snack between meals, eat canned foods, eat fast food, drink tap water,

Occasionally do:  Eat lean beef, eggs, desserts, milk, do a colon cleanse and fast.

Do this:  Eat more fiber and nuts, eat fish, chew food thoroughly, be picky when shopping or eating out, drink lots of water, coffee, tea, and one beer or glass of wine per day, eat whole grains and yogurt, eat dark chocolate, garlic, onions and pepper, wash hands often, eat breakfast, exercise 30 minutes per day, use seat belts, recycle, get 30 minutes of sun per day, use wet naps after potty and shower daily, change your furnace filter monthly and breathe deeply, get proper rest, brush and floss, read food labels, and share what you learn with others.


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