Important Memorials

by: Wayne Schatzle

     Americans are great at building memorials. It seems that every conceivable important event; person, or occupation has been immortalized in granite and bronze. Washington DC has become a Mecca for the masses to revel in the monuments to our countries past trials and triumphs. As most everyone else, I also enjoy them but wonder that the most important event in all of history is largely overlooked.

     In the first couple chapters of the bible we have record of the most astounding event of all. After an immeasurable amount of time in planning, God stepped out of eternity and created the physical realm. After the six days of creating, God created yet another day for rest and in the process created the seven day week, which incidentally is not an observable event! We only know the week by counting off the seven days. In the past there have been attempts to install a longer week but it never seemed to work as our very bodies are designed to operate on that seven day cycle. But notice that after God was finished creating He blessed the seventh day and sanctified it- only this day was blessed and given a name- the Sabbath.

     The seventh day became at that time a memorial to the very creation- and is God’s proof He is the Creator and sustainer. The Sabbath is His day {Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath}. God did not reveal His holy day to everyone. Only a select few in history had the privilege to even know about it.

      The first clear passages that reveal the Sabbath are in Exodus. God had brought His people out of slavery and revealed to them His Sabbath and commanded to them not to work on that day- what a blessing it must have been for them to actually get a day off! The first mention is related to the miracle of the manna, where it grew each day for six days and a double portion on the sixth day {Friday}. Lest anyone forgot which day it was- the miracle of manna continued for 40 years.

     Over and over God refers to it as "My Sabbath". The Sabbath is firmly ensconced within the 10 commandments, and is the only commandment prefaced by the word "remember" and oddly enough it is the one command that is forgotten! The prophet Isaiah had much to say about the importance of the Sabbath. He wrote that Israel and Gentiles alike shall keep from defiling God’s Sabbath, keep your foot off of it and call it a delight, and in the Kingdom, from one Sabbath to the other worship the King {Isa 56 thru 66}. Ezekiel sheds additional light on this day: Hallow this day as it will be a sign between God and His people forever. A reason they were scattered was failure to obey the Sabbath, also God thundered a strong indictment against ministers for hiding their eyes to the Sabbath and not discerning between the clean and unclean {Ez 20/ 22/ 44/45}.

     Sunday worship is an invention of men some years after the conclusion of the scriptures being penned. The writings of the early church fathers show there was considerable argument over which day should be observed. Apparently emperor Constantine made a final decree in 325 ad that the official worship day shall be Sunday.

       Memorials are important. No one wishes to be forgotten. Occasionally I will visit graveyards and ponder the inhabitants therein. Some of the markers are so worn that there is no remembrance of them anymore. That is sad. And even greater sadness is that our great Creator and Sustainer, had made such a everlasting memorial of the Sabbath and so very few enjoy it with Him. As it says in Hebrews four concerning this day: there remains a rest for the people of God… let us be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall into the same disobedience [as Israel of old]. We have more information about the Sabbath free for the asking.

Written by Wayne Schatzle, director, Freedom Biblical Information Center, POBox 1806, West Chester OH 45071 email: